Over the past 10 years, Colleen has been simultaneously writing her own personal beauty and travel blog as well as exploring a variety of career paths. During her time studying English and Anthropology at The Ohio State University, Colleen began working as a consumer ethnographer (which sounds completely fascinating!), before moving on to an e-commerce merchandising and copywriting role. 


Then in 2015, after making the life changing decision to quit her job and move to LA, she became a content marketer, learning a great deal about all aspects of marketing for a small business. This put her in a perfect position to go freelance and create Glossy Type. 

If your a small business owner with limited time and resources, you need to know about Glossy Type. Glossy Type, founded by Colleen, is a resource for small businesses to turn to when they want to improve their content and marketing strategies, without paying someone else a huge amount of money to do so. Colleen either teaches entrepreneurs simple strategies to ‘do it themselves’ or offers her services. Glossy Type services include brand messaging, blog management, and digital marketing.



In Colleens’ collaboration with The Clean Hub, she gives members a run down of all the key information they need to know either start their own blog, or to make simple improvements to their current blog to get results and ultimately drive sales.


Here is a summary of the topics Colleen talks through: 

  • Why does your business need a blog? Did you know that companies that blog generate 126% more leads than those that don’t?
  • What should you write about? Being able to consistently come up with ideas of what to write about on your blog is often the hardest part, so check out Colleen great tips on topics you could write about.
  • Content planning and promotion. Colleen includes a super simple content calendar template so you can get planning right away. 
  • How to write blog posts that bring you results? Ultimately every aspect of your business that you spend your time on should help drive sales. Colleen talks though writing engaging posts and optimising for search engines.
  • Who should write your blog? Have you considered outsourcing the writing of your blog? Find out if thats the right for your business.
  • What should you not be doing? Colleen gives some simple tips that will improve the quality and results of your blog. 


Click here to check out our interview with Colleen to find out a little more about herself and her webinar.