Clean Chat Episode 27: Winter Clean Beauty Tips with Noleen Sliney

Clean Chat Episode 27: Winter Clean Beauty Tips with Noleen Sliney

We all love a bit of makeup on the right occasion. However, how many of us know exactly the right shade of red lipstick to wear or what type of foundation to wear in the winter? Noleen Sliney to the rescue!

You may remember Noleen from one of our first podcast episodes in which we chat about how to spot cruelty free products. You can check it out here. Noleen is a clean beauty makeup artist and blogger who is extremely well versed in what clean beauty products will work with our skin tone and give health back into our skin. So we were more than excited to have her on to tell us how to switch up your makeup routine in the winter time to give your face that beautiful dewy look!

Winter clean beauty concealers

This podcast episode is part one of two in which we take a deep dive into top clean beauty winter concealers. As Noleen mentions, using a liquid concealer instead of a powder helps to give your face that dewy look. Using a powder can often dry out our face or make it look matte. However if you are like Raquel from The Clean Hub and hate wearing concealers because you feel like they are too heavy, Noleen gives you two alternatives:

  • Mix your concealer with a bit of moisturiser before you apply it to your face to get more of a lightweight feel
  • If you would still like to use powder, try something with a pearly feel -like Hynt Beauty's finshing powder! 

Noleen provides a 1:1 session for people to learn what are the best products to use for their skin as well as gives them an exact list of colour matches and products that would suit their specific needs. She also helps people learn how to apply the product, whether that is eyeliner or eyeshadow, to best fit their face profile! You can check out more of her services as well as her green beauty guide here!

Check out the episode and tune in next week to learn more winter beauty tips!


Raquel: Hi there and welcome to clean chat. I’m the host, Raquel Wing, founder of The Clean Hub. Every Thursday we help to grow the clean and natural beauty industry by interviewing key experts founders and influencers so that people can make informed decisions. Check us out on to learn more. Now onto The Clean Chat podcast!

Hi there everyone and welcome to Clean Chat. Today we have on one of our favourite clean beauty bloggers Noleen Sliney to talk all about beauty. You may have remembered her as she helped us to distinguish the difference between cruelty free and non-cruelty free products. She’s a fabulous makeup artist that incorporates clean beauty brands into her regimen so we are so happy to have her on to talk about the changing of the seasons and what you should do with your beauty regimen so thank you so much Noleen!

Noleen: Thank you so much for having me Raquel and thank you so much for that introduction. I’m actually blushing here.

Raquel: No we are so excited to have you on. So Noleen was chatting with us about what to do with the changes of the seasons. But really quickly Noleen could you tell us really quickly about yourself and Noleen Sliney makeup?

Noleen: Sure, yes. So I’m Noleen and I’m from Dublin in Ireland and a green beauty blogger. And what I do is help and take away the overwhelm of choosing and applying beauty products and I teach you how to enhance your natural beauty in a simple and a beautiful way. And I also show you how to make the switch to natural and organic beauty products. So for me, it’s really about simplifying your beauty routine, and obviously also having a healthy beauty routine as well – which obviously incorporates the natural and organic beauty products as well.

Raquel: Okay and so today we are going to talk about what to do with the changing of the seasons. I brought my makeup bag. Hopefully you can help me out.

Noleen: Yes.

Raquel: So first why is it so important to transition your makeup when going from summer to fall to winter time.

Noleen: Okay yea that’s a great question. And I think a lot of people seem really concentrate on their skincare. And they think it’s oh just my skincare that I have to up my game on. But the same goes for your makeup. And the reason is…the number one reason is again to do with our skin. Because a lot of the time, in the summer time, we might be using products say for example that might be powder based products and they can be really great in the summer time when its really hot and humid. You know and maybe we are sweating a bit. And definitely powder products help – they help to mattify the skin. The problem is in the winter time you need less of the matte and more of the kind of dewy look. And that’s really where the makeup products will help you with that when you start to switch your products that are a bit more hydrating for example. That’s really going to help people fake that glow that we don’t necessarily have in the winter-time as much as we do in the summer.

Raquel: Okay so when you say glow. I have a highlighter. Do you mean something like this? Have you seen this?

Noleen: Um, no I haven’t seen that one actually yet but I’m going to have to check out this brand now. I always love new brands. That’s great because I can see that it’s a cream highlighter which is a really great thing to use in the wintertime. Absolutely, it’s the perfect one to use. I’m a big proponent of using highlighter. I think it’s a great product to you know, fake that glow. Umm, but there is much more that we can do as well. Highlighters are just one kind of products we can use to do that. But actually, it’s a lot simpler than that. It’s really just the products that you normally use every day like, your foundation for example is a really good one to kind of start making the switch to a more hydrating one in the winter-time. Because as I said, your skin kind of – it needs that extra kind of something. We are indoors a lot more so we are not getting the sunshine as much. You know the way I always kind of talk about it is, you want to fake that glow…like when you go on a walk in the woods somewhere or somewhere out in nature in the winter time or the autumn time and you come back and you have that gorgeous rosy glow to your skin. That’s kind of what you want to get. And you can really do something like that with yea highlighter, is a brilliant way to do that. But actually, like your foundation can really make a difference as well.

Raquel: And how do you do that using your foundation?

Noleen: Okay. So great question actually again. And what I suggest is, start moving away from powder products. So let’s say for example, you use a powder foundation. So like a mineral powder foundation or something. Well, I would highly recommend not using something like that in the winter-time because number one its not as hydrating because powder products don’t hydrate our skin. Powder products take away…for example in summer time we are using products to sort of take away that shine and counteract that sweat and stuff that we have. Whereas in the winter-time, I actually need more of that because we are going to take some of the moisture out. So like a liquid foundation for example, or a cream foundation even to get that sort of hydration. But also as well the coverage of foundation can make a difference as well. Again you know we need a bit more coverage this time of the year because we don’t have that lovely glow in the summer-time and we need to put something extra back into our skin. So when you are using something let’s say in the summer-time, just something like a tinted moisturiser or a bb cream or something like that, in the winter time its good to kind of step it up to something a bit more coverage like more kind of medium coverage. And it will still make your skin look lovely and natural, but its just evening out your skin tone just a little bit more because we do kind of need that a little bit more in the winter time and the colder months.

Raquel: Right, okay. You’re saying mostly like a more medium foundation to give you that dewy look. And not a lot of powder because that is what makes your skin look more dry.

Noleen: Exactly, exactly yea. And that’s why I recommend more so kind of medium coverage. I mean if you like a bit more coverage you can obviously go a bit more full-coverage. But what I suggest is something that’s like medium coverage but you know has more of that satiny but dewy look. Um, because that is what is really going to give that extra glow. Sometimes when you are using something that is a little too heavy, so like for example with full-coverage, it can look a bit too flat on your skin. Does that make sense?

Raquel: Matte, its like a more matte look on your face? Is that what you’re…

Noleen: Exactly! Look a little bit more matte. Exactly. Yes, yea…And it can look a little bit too heavy as well. So I guess you are kind of going for that goldilocks look you know. Obviously the light coverage foundations can be a little too light and they are not going to give you enough coverage. Umm, but the kind of full coverage ones look a little bit too much. So you want that kind of just right ones, the ones in the middle. That kind of medium coverage with the dewy satiny look to it. That kind of just still looks really natural and light on your skin, but has that little bit of extra glow to it that you kind of need. Does that make sense?

Raquel: That does make sense. Do you have any recommendations for any you know cruelty free brands, vegan, natural beauty brands um that have that coverage that you think would be helpful?

Noleen: Yea, there’s lots of them. Umm, so Hynt beauty they have a lovely actually foundation. Funny enough, theirs is a powder foundation. But actually, there was quite a dewy finish to that one so if you are someone that has oily skin that can still be a good one for you. Obviously when you have oily skin you still need to…like you still want a little bit of a matte finish. But, not too much. Whereas, I find that foundation has a really good in-between like oily skin. It has enough of the powder, you know the matte look to counteract that T-zone. Counteract the shine that you get there.

Raquel: I saw them at IBE actually.

Noleen: Oh did you! Oh yea the powder one. Velutto or something its called.

Raquel: I’m not sure. Yea….

Noleen: I think its called the Velutto powder actually. It’s really lovely. But you don’t have oily skin actually, you have dry skin is it?

Raquel: You see, this is good that we are talking about this because I actually have really oily skin. And What I’ve been doing is just…I use the same thing whether…and I’m going to switch this up but…but whether it is the winter or summer, all I do is I put on this uncovered thing.

Noleen: Is that the RMS one is it?

Raquel: And just looking at myself I look like I have dry skin and I don’t. I have very oily skin. And its making it look….how I’ve been trying to like give that glow is…I don’t really know what I’m doing. Is use a highlighter right here on my cheeks. So really this isn’t a great light. Maybe if I can turn this off. Let me see…oh you still can’t really…

Noleen: I can see it a little bit. Just a wee bit. Yea….

Raquel:I use like a blush. And then I use like a highlighter. So let me see if I can kind of…so a cream blush from Kjaer Weiss.

Noleen:Ohhh, I love their cream blush. I love everything from them if I’m being honest with you.

Raquel: Yea, so I put that on and then I put the highlighter her. But like you said, my face looks dry. You know…

Noleen: I hear this a lot...funny enough. I had a session with a girl yesterday. And we were talking about the same thing and she kept saying oh I just use the same thing all year around. And again she was using a powder foundation. Now she does have dry skin but the powder foundation she is using is drying it out even more. Do you know what I mean? But yea for you, yea definitely what you are doing with the highlighter is a good way to fake that glow and I love that it is a cream one as well. The powder ones, they can be very nice too but um…but sometimes the powder ones again….well it has a shimmer so its not completely matte. But again they are not so good for the skin. Depending of course on what type you are using. Like the natural and organic ones are a lot better because they have better ingredients in them and are not going to dry out your skin as much. But its still something you have to be careful of you know. But yea for you maybe try the Hynt beauty one if you do still want to use powder and you do still want to…and you do feel like its still a little bit drying and stuff like that. Definitely the ingredients in that one are so good so its definitely going to help with that but um. Perhaps for you if you do feel like your skin is dry especially as we come into the cold months. Like maybe you could try more of say a liquid foundation than matte. Or something that has more of a satin finish. Then like put a little bit of powder on your t-zone would be more than enough for you then for this time of the year. And then when the warmer weather comes you can go back to the powder foundation. Yea, because the satin ones they are kind of a mixture between the dewy look but also enough matte in them that it doesn’t look too oily on your skin. Does that make sense?

Raquel: Yea I will try that. The only thing I have to say is that I don’t like wearing concealer unless I have to…or, a wet concealer because I don’t like that feeling on my face. So that’s why I like the powder because I barely put any on. I think what I can do, and I don’t have it with me. I don’t have it with me. But I have a concealer and its really good to blend with like a cream. So you can put a really light amount on in your morning moisturiser to make it very light-weight. I’m going to try that.

Noleen: Again go back to the same brand, Hynt Beauty. Have you tried their concealers?

Raquel: I haven’t tried them. I mean I’ve tried them on my hand at IBE but I haven’t actually purchased one and used one. The brand I have…I forget I got it from Credo ages ago and I still have like the whole bottle because like I said I don’t like….but I agree I need to change my regimen. Now that I’ve talked to you!

Noleen: Exactly, its interesting isn’t it like. When you start hearing these things you start thinking oh maybe I should, maybe I should actually. But I think these beauty ones are amazing. Oh my god, every makeup artist I know uses them. They are super lightweight on the skin. But again get samples first before you try it just to see whether you like them or not because they do sort of have the same consistency. But honestly when they are on the skin you don’t feel them at all or even know you are wearing them. Just try it out first and see how you get on with them. And if you don’t like that one come back to me and I can recommend another one. So that’s what I do with the 1:1 sessions. It’s basically a session where we talk completely about you and for example a session we had yesterday but that’s exactly it we talk about stuff. I teach her how to apply the makeup. And then what I do is I send her a list of recommendations that are right for her like pretty much in everything. We are obviously talking about foundation mostly as I said. But I obviously send her some other stuff like skincare recommendations and eye shadow recommendations so yea That’s really what I do.

Raquel: How much does it cost?

Noleen: So its €179 and that’s for a two hour session. And before that I always send out like a questionnaire. Kind of to find out what’s your experience with makeup so far. Are you a beginner? Are you medium? I find out what you want to learn. Because it is tailored exactly to you. So we can say oh we can teach you smokey eyes but if that’s not what you want to learn there’s no point. So its really based on what the person wants to learn themselves. I also always ask them to send me photos of themselves and to send me photos of their products as well because its always interesting to see what products people are using. And sometimes some of the stuff they are using is okay. More often than not its not. More often than not it’s the wrong stuff like for you for example. Its often the case that people are using the wrong kind of foundation or the wrong shades. So I know in advance what they want to learn. After the two-hour session we literally come on Zoom. It’s recorded as well so you get the recording afterward and then I send all of the product recommendations in afterwards so that people can have a look at them and buy them if they want to. At least they know exactly what’s right for them. Do you know what I mean? They know what kind of shades are going to suit them. And that’s the advantage of doing the 1:1 session. You get…its not like okay say you do a call and you say okay I know what to look for but for these ones I’m like this is the exact shade for you. This is the foundation and this is the shade and its so much easier for people that way.

Raquel: I’ve always…Like I think that’s a really good service to give to people because I’ve always like am doing it on my own and you know….laughs…you go to like a Credo beauty or wherever and they are just trying to sell you their stuff. So you know it would be good to have a third party and actually you help them to learn how to apply everything.

Noleen: Exactly, you’re doing the right products for you because that is really important. And then the second step is how to apply them because again sometimes people even come to me and they do actually have some good products already, but they’ve no clue how to apply them. And its such a waste because when you finally do get good products that are right for you, well then if you don’t know how to apply them….it’s like having a great car and you don’t know how to drive the Porsche you know so. So its good to have them both specifically tailored to you. Because you can watch all of the YouTube videos in the world and there are so many YouTube videos out there. But often times its like winged eyeliner that’s a big one or even eye shadow. They are probably the two that really people struggle with the most. And they watch all these videos and they say oh I just can’t do it. I’m just not good at it. But I always say, well actually its not that you aren’t good at it. It’s just that the videos that you are watching…often times those people have like very different eye shapes to you do you know what I mean? Because of the way that eye shadow works on them doesn’t necessarily mean it works for your eye shape so its really important to know these things as well. And then once you do it’s about enhancing your beauty. It’s not like trying to copy someone else. It’s never going to look the same anyway. You know that’s why I really kind of feel…that’s why I wanted to offer this service. I was the same as you I was like, I would go into these stores and I had no idea. You know they would apply something on me and it might look great but I would go home and have no idea how to do it myself. Or even if what they did was right for me? You know, I was like I wish I had somebody that could teach me all of this. So first of all I do actually have a free natural and organic beauty guide as well so for anyone who is, you know someone that does actually want to transition to an autumn winter look, but actually to natural or organic products I actually have a guide there that will help you with that as well so if anybody would like to get their hands on the guide I would be more than happy to leave a link for that as well. But other things. I do actually have some online courses as well that I’ve actually put online in the last few weeks that actually help with foundation. So the very first one is all about foundation. And basically it teaches you literally everything you will ever need to know about foundation actually. So it teaches you how to find the right foundation for your skin type. How to find the right one for your skin tone as well. Literally, you were kind of mentioning there a bit earlier Raquel about how you go into Credo, Raquel, sometimes or some other beauty stores. You walk in and there are like hundreds of products and you are like…uhhh I have no idea what I’m looking for.

Raquel: Great, and I’ll also send links to her services. She basically did a really quick one on me. So that is awesome, I will be uploading that as well. Thank you Noleen for your time today and this has been really great information and I hope you all have a great day and check out Noleen’s website, her Instagram, and of course this video. I’m linking everything in. Thank you and have a great day. Viva clean beauty.

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