Why you should be using all natural hair care

Why you should be using all natural hair care

Today on the Clean Chat we discuss the importance of all natural hair care with organic hair care formulator, Tabitha James Kraan. 

If you are wondering about the benefits of natural hair care products, then you should definitely check out the latest podcast and Youtube video collaboration from Tabitha on the benefits of sticking to natural hair care products. Here are some key take aways: 

Natural hair care is the best hair care

Tabitha said that when she started her organic hair salon over twenty years ago, everyone thought she was crazy. Fast forward twenty years and people are finally agreeing with her. Why? Because finally hair care is getting its due 

Treat your scalp

Have you ever heard that the key to keeping your skin healthy is to keep it moisturized (not dry) to allow your natural oils to do its thing? It is only when your face is dry and lacking extra oils that forces your body to create excess oil - causing you to have oily and problematic skin. 

Well my friends, the same goes for your scalp! All of these main stream hair care products that are full of toxic ingredients such as parabens and SLS are not only putting harmful ingredients straight into your blood stream (through your scalp), but they are also stripping it of its natural oils. 

When you put natural oils back into your hair, your body accepts them and they oils are able to penetrate the hair to bring in moisture. This will allow your body to not feel like it needs to produce excess oil for your scalp which can lead to more work your body has to do (just adding extra stress and aging of the body). 


Stimulate hair growth with natural ingredients

Your body thrives when matched with natural ingredients. 

Now on to the show!




Raquel: Hi there and welcome to Clean Chat. Today we have on the fabulous Tabitha James Kraan. She is founder of Tabitha James Kraan all-natural haircare. She is a wife, mother, hair-dresser, hair formulator and passionate about natural and organic hair care and much more. Um, I started using her hair care products, especially her dry shampoo years ago so I am so excited to have her on the podcast today. So thank you Tabitha for coming onto The Clean Chat

Tabitha: My pleasure.

Raquel: So excited to have you on. Can you tell us a bit more about yourself and how you started Tabitha James hair care?

Tabitha: Yes, of course. Well, I always call myself a hair geek because I’m someone who is massively interested in what is the fabric that is hair. I like to kind of you know get into the nitty-gritty as it were…How the hair actually behaves with what we are doing to it in relation to the products that we use also in relation to the atmosphere and all of those things. Anything that can impact or change the hair I am interested in in a science-y way I suppose. Analysing and trying out different ways of changing that behaviour. And I’ve been an organic hair-dresser for twenty years already. When I first started doing that I was literally declared a nutter. You know everyone thought I was mad. What is organic hair-dressing? People would literally say to me….what do you mean? What is organic hair-dressing? What can that be? You know, back in 1999 it was not really a thing. And like I said, I’ve always been this sort of geeky person around hair. So for me, it was then also realizing as a hair dresser – I was actually pregnant in 1999 with our eldest son. And my midwife told me to stop colouring my hair which really stopped me in my tracks because I really thought I knew it all. I thought I knew everything there was to know about hair. Even at that point…even today nobody in the hairdressing industry talks about the absorption into the body. They still don’t talk about the fact that the chemicals used in our industry actually obviously the scalp being an open orifice into the bloodstream. This is one of the highest concentration of hair follicles on our whole body. One of the most dangerous places that we could put chemicals and yet it is still not a conversation in the industry. Which I find really shocking still. For me that started a whole other train of thought. Because I thought, gosh, well I can’t do that to my unborn child, but equally I can’t do that to other people. If I’m putting it on their bodies what’s the impact on them. How does that affect them? So yea, it was a big shift in my thinking.

Raquel: And how was that being the woman entrepreneur that you are. Did you find that kind of difficult to introduce that to your clients? Like you said, earlier everyone thought you were crazy. Did you find it more difficult because you were a woman?

Tabitha: Um yea, probably. Laughs. Its really interesting..I’ve been…I’ve owned my own salon since I was twenty-three years old. I’m now forty-nine years old. So I’ve been…

Raquel: You don’t look it by the way, you don’t look it.

Tabitha: Thank you very much. Thank you! I’ve been doing this for a very long time. And as a woman I have always done my own thing. I’ve always been a business woman – you know – for all of that time. I’ve always been thinking and looking at new ideas and growing what I’m doing. It didn’t ever occur to me that anything changed because I was male or female. The fact that…because I never worked in the corporate world. I’ve never had uncomfortable situations about being a woman. So I’m just doing my thing. And then just occasionally…so in a situation of maybe I’m in front of a bank manager or maybe I’m in front of somebody more official industry-wise…and people say to me, oh why are there not as many females in the top of the hairdressing industry? Well I kind of left the hairdressing industry because I went off and started another industry. You know, and pioneering everything out of the organic hair dressing industry. So and there aren’t many males alongside me. I am bumping into many more females around the world. And starting to get more males interested but its predominately still quite out there on my own. That’s a really interesting question…but I’m not sure I have much experience of it. Just going everybody, I’m just doing what I’m doing, loud and proud, and proud to be doing it as a female. 

Raquel: Awesome. And as an organic hair-care formulator, how long did it take you to create your products and can you tell us a bit more about them.

Tabitha: Sure. So one side established that I didn’t want to be a traditional hair dresser anymore and I wanted to go organic. I…very early on I started working with raw ingredients because I quickly learned that the first product ranges I could find were really from health food stores. I couldn’t find anything commercially that was a full commercial hair care brand that was organic enough of what I was looking for at the time. So I could either find brands that compromise that. That you now talked the organic story or I could find products from health food stores that were truly organic. So what I started to do early on was work with raw ingredients and work with natural oils, making natural emulsions of my own that I could really tell the difference in the way that they behaved in the hair. My early learning I suppose was around that. The purer I got with the ingredients the better results I could get with the hair. So I think I’ve, I mean I’ve been talking about. I think…well I’ve been talking to people that have known me for a while recently and we were saying well we were having these conversations fifteen years ago now. So I would probably say from around fifteen years ago that’s when all of that first started. I started having the products formulated in a lab around six years ago. And that’s when I started to have them in my salon. So we had them in the salon for a good three years as a testing ground before we started selling them out on the open market.

Raquel: And they are fabulous. Could you tell us…so I would say my favourite product, as I said, is the dry shampoo. But you also have a four in one conditioner. What are the top ingredients in there and why do your customers love them so much?

Tabitha: The dry shampoo is all about helping with how do you…what do you do with your hair on the days that you are not washing it. So its amazing for volumising which I ‘m sure you’ve established. It’s my desert island product as well. I couldn’t live without it. Just had a little fix before I came on set here. For me it just gives me happier hair or more hair. I think the more that you use the fuller the hair goes and the sort of more you can get. And when your hair is oily and needing to be washed in between washes it totally does change the way it feels immediately. You can lose that itchy scalp any sort of oh my gosh I should have washed my hair this morning midway through the day. That just goes immediately when you put it in the scalp. Would you agree? Would you have that experience too when you use it?

Raquel: Definitely, definitely I love it.

Tabitha: It totally absorbs the oil and just lifts it. So it feels fabulous,

Raquel: And it…its such a relief to know. I mean, before this I used, you know cheap dry shampoo. And it had you know all kinds of chemicals in it. And you just wonder, you know, if you’re paying three dollars for a product or five dollars, what are they putting in there you know…it doesn’t make sense. And for me it works just as well or better and its natural. I don’t have to worry about like you said, things penetrating my scalp and then eventually getting into my blood stream.

Tabitha: Absolutely. It’s so effective how it works. We started with about thirty different natural powders. Because for me as a hair-dresser, I’m always asked about ingredients. And ingredients are of-course important. They are important for me because of the way they feel and the weight of them and the way they work in relation to the hair. When it comes to the dry shampoo its not about them as actives, I feel that in the hair dressing world there are many, many products that are talking all about ingredients that are supposed to miraculously change the way that your hair behaves. You know in a wash for example, if it were a shampoo for example then pro this….lalalalala you now all of these supposedly magical ingredients that are supposed to completely transform the hair. For me that’s just complete marketing rubbish. I don’t believe in that. I really don’t believe that that’s the way…hair as a fabric is totally behaves as a dry sponge. And how you affect that fabric is…what moisture is in the product and what moisture isn’t in the product. I would say are the two key elements to how products behave. So with the dry shampoo its about how the dry shampoo powders will sit into the hair. It’s about the effect they would have on the weight and its about how absorbent those powders are to take on the natural oils and take them up into the hair without clogging…without clogging up the scalp. Without feeling heavy or looking dull. Those are really the key factors to how that product functions. So as I say we started with thirty different powders and we tried lots and lots of different combinations until we go the weight absolutely right until it gave us the full-ness in the hair. It gave us the texture in the hair. And it gave us the right level of absorbency without having too much absorbency that it would then absorb moisture from the atmosphere and humidity. So it really was about playing scientifically with the way those two things behaved in relation to each other. Because its not….its is a powder that sits in amongst the hair. The ingredients really are not…it isn’t something that is going to actually change the hair. It is just going to affect the way it sits in the hair. When I talked about other products in my range you talked earlier about the 4:1 conditioner. That’s similar in a way in that again what I was really interested in as a hair geek was how this product was going to behave in the way that it sits into the hair and moisturizes it. Because if we think of our hair as a dry sponge, if its completely dried out, and it hasn’t gotten any moisture it in then as soon as you go into a humidity or moist atmosphere on a rainy day, for example. Then the first thing the hair is going to do is suck up that moisture. And if your hair is already wavy, or even if you had dead straight…the first thing that is going to happen is that it will change by the fact that it is getting wet. So if on the other hand that hair is really well moisturized, it’s concealed with a natural oil and in really good shape. Its got everything it needs. A full sponge in fact. Then it can’t ask for more from the atmosphere and therefore won’t change. So you’ve got your beautiful blow-dry. Your hair is really beautifully moisturized. You can go outside, not obviously in a getting it wet in the rain…but you’ve got an umbrella, the moisture in the atmosphere is not going to make your hair change. And that’s the bit that is really crucial in my philosophy and the way I think about hair. I believe what we’ve got to do most of all is recognise that this delicate fabric needs to be moisturised and protected first and foremost. It’s not about putting protein back into the hair to strengthen it, because actually that doesn’t ever work. It’s only a temporary fix. If we can get a good moisturising routine. And if we can seal the hair with oil…oil in hair for me is a really big deal and a very important part of hair care. Because we all remember stories that our grandparents maybe told us about the way they would brush their hair and this idea of sort of a hundred strokes a day of brushing those oils through the hair. Well what that was doing was really sealing and protecting the ends of the hair by moving the natural oil through the length. It’s the same with an animal’s coat. You know if we groom and brush we start to get a lovely shine and healthy coat in their case. With our hair, if we can put oil in our hair from root to tips – but a very, very fine amount of oil. So exactly the same as we would have that sort of acid mantle on our skin. You know if you look at your own hand and you see a slight sheen on your skin, but when you feel it, you don’t feel oil. That’s what we are talking about. That’s the natural oil we should have on our hair. And if we brushed our hair enough, we would have that natural seal on the hair. But the very fact that we use shampoos that are degreasants and are designed to remove all of the oil – its gone. So what we have left is this hair that is behaving like this empty shell. This dry sponge that then becomes really over-reactive to atmosphere. And that is one of the predominant problems with hair is that it is frizzy, fluffy, fly away, lank. You know all of these problems are caused by the fact that these hairs don’t have its protective layer in the first place. So I’m really big on putting that oil back. And then once that oil is there and you’ve sealed it – if it’s a natural oil, when you then moisturize your hair, it will then travel through the oil, it will then attach to then you know the spongey-ness of the hair inside. It will sit inside and it will be there to give the hair its natural weight and buoyancy and shine, sheen again. And we end up with happy, healthy hair that is behaving itself. If on the other hand those oils are synthetic, 1 you can’t penetrate them and if you try to moisturise your hair it won’t work because you’ve got this plastic layer of silicones that’s affecting your ability to change the hair. And two, when those silicones are in place they actually really weaken the hair from the inside so the hair becomes really more susceptible to breakage. Yea, and also those silicones in a synthetic product, one because they can’t travel through it, you’ve suddenly got hair that you actually can’t influence or improve. So that’s another reason why silicones on the hair become really, really bad. That’s not even to start to talk about what the impact on those silicones is on the planet.

Raquel: Yea, speaking of which…what are some of the ingredients…obviously when people use your products they don’t need to worry about these dirty ingredients but what are the dirty ingredients that are found in most mainstream hair care products?

Tabitha: I think we are all kind of clear on paraben-free, sulphate-free. You know we don’t want any petrochemicals in our products. We shouldn’t…we don’t want sulphates because they are so, so strong. I mean most sulphates are the same ingredients as industrial floor cleaner. And a lot of washing products – hair washing products, even baby washing products are really loaded with very strong sulphates. This is just really, really bad. We don’t want to….as a natural fibre we don’t want to keep stripping our hair. And we don’t want to have those chemicals anywhere near our body. And we definitely don’t want them washing down the plughole and into our water systems as well. The other big one that I am totally as I said…I just mentioned…silicones but I have a really problem with silicones. For me, these are such baddies and they really trash the hair for a starting point. But also we’ve got this huge problem. You know when we are talking about micro-beads in the sea um this is nano-particles, silicones and other plastics that are making their way. It’s not literally just the beads you might find in an exfoliator. It’s way, way more than that. And if you talk to scientists who are looking at what is actually in the water, these fine, fine particles that are making their way through our filtering systems and they are making their way into the seas. And its when those industrial chemicals are then getting flushed through, its when they come into contact with the big plastic islands that are floating around. It’s the combination of the two together that are so poisonous and so toxic for the seas. And I think we all have to take responsibility for that. It’s not just the plastic, we’ve got to be really conscious of the packaging. We’ve also got to be really conscious of the choices we are making which is why it is so wonderful why you are doing what you are doing, really highlighting the fact that you know clean beauty is really important. It really is important. Because as women we are not going to change our habits we still want to use product and our world’s work by the fact that we are using product – but we can do it in a good way. We can have it all now. And I think the thing is that we have got to really drill down those ingredients and make sure they are not sneaking into our products. Early on in my journey as an organic hair-dresser I really did establish that by changing to natural ingredients, the performance of the hair that the performance of the hair was beyond my wildest dreams. It was so much better. Because hair is a natural fibre, it is just so much happier when you use natural ingredients on it. It makes a world of difference. And in terms of hour our body behaves, it is the same as…natural hair care – truly natural hair care, so I don’t mean a product that has just some nice natural ingredients in it. I mean that the whole total ingredient, the total formulation is natural. If you can achieve that in a product, the way that that product works in harmony with the body is completely different to when you infiltrate that product. Even with a small amout of chemical. Because the body starts to harmonize what a natural product will do. Same as with your skin as with your scalp. Is that it will rebalance. It will start to come into a harmonious relationship with the product. So you can use the product to wake up the body – to make the body function in the way that it should. Whereas a synthetic product will shut the body down in the way that it behaves. And make it become reliant on the way that the product performs. Does that make sense? So with skincare, it really does make a difference if you are using something that is really pure and natural on your skin, then suddenly your skin starts to come alive and you can see that the products are really enhancing it. Whereas when you are using a synthetic product, the skin is just totally – it looks good whilst using the cream. But the second you start using the cream, because it starts working…its not actually your skin that starts looking good it’s the cream faking it essentially.

Raquel: Right, yea. Its nearly like your body has to go through this detox and absorb these products. And like you said, your body will thank you for using these natural products. 

Tabitha: Most definitely.

Raquel: Yea. And as Tabitha said, you know you feel like you are missing out but you need to try these products because you’re actually not…you’ll find that its actually just as good or even better for your hair. Umm, and so Tabitha James Kraan has three core principles that they believe in for great hair care and what it's founded on. Can you tell us a little bit about those three principles.

Tabitha: Well I sort of touched on them a little bit with what I’ve been saying around oiling. My first principle is oil balancing because I think that….the core principle behind oil balancing. It is simply because if you are using...if you are talking to the body with natural oil. You are telling the body that there is enough oil here, you can calm down how much you are producing. If you have had a lifetime of shampooing your hair, a lifetime of stripping the hair from the scalp, and your body has had to, you know, conjure up enough oil to keep putting that oil in your hair on a daily basis, if you wash your hair daily that is. Imagine how much moisture your body is having to make that it wouldn’t – shouldn’t really have to do.

Raquel: That’s a good point, yea. 

Tabitha: That is a lot of moisture that you are putting massive pressure on your body to really keep creating…and where is it coming from – you are dehydrating your skin…its going to be aging your body.

Raquel: That’s a good point because like it’s the same with skincare. If you don’t use something that is going to bring natural oils to your skin or your face, its going to force your body to create those oils, and then that’s when you start having these break outs, and these issues and the same goes for your scalp and your hair. 

Tabitha: Yes, absolutely. But that’s why the products need to be in total natural. And then for me organic is important because once you’ve got natural ingredients I want to make sure then that we take away any risk of contamination of those natural ingredients. So if we say that they are organic as well, and we try to find as many of those natural ingredients organically, then we can guarantee that through the process of those ingredients being grown and products, then we haven’t contaminated the product with any unnecessary chemicals that would affect the total natural-ness of the products. So that’s what I’m looking at when I’m trying to create products. So my starting point is always one hundred percent natural, and anything that I can get certified, in other words, somebody has already proving to me that it is organic, that’s why I want certification around it. Then I can ensure that I’ve made a product that has got no contamination. And we’ve got the purest end result that we can possibly have. So when you work that way with an oil, you get the body…the scalp starts to rebalance, and the hair, as I said before – rather than having to brush your hair a hundred strokes a day, my hair oil will do that instantly. So no matter how damaged or dry your hair is, if you do a hair oil treatment, you can fix it straight away. You can just get that hair into happier, bouncier, beautiful hair straight away by sealing it with a natural oil and bringing it back to life. It really is that instant in the way that it works. But its doing all of that with natural ingredients so it makes it more effective. Ummm my second principle then is correct cleansing because I’m saying if we are going to all of that trouble to get the hair in good shape and to put the oil back, then what we don’t want to do is wash it out every single time we wash our hair. So thinking about how we wash our hair is really important. I’m really keen to make sure that we never…whatever you are using that you don’t rub through the length of the hair and really lather up the ends of the hair because you wouldn’t do that with a cashmere jumper and we have to think of our hair as being that delicate and nurture it and care for it in the same way. So when we cleanse we need to use again, natural ingredients that are just going to work in harmony with the scalp and focus on washing the scalp in the root area. The only time that I would ever wash or cleanse the ends of the hair are if you just did an oil treatment. I normally with my hair oil, I normally suggest that it stays on overnight so that your hair can take as much…you know most of the oil overnight. But if there’s a little bit too much in the morning, and you’d know that before you go in the shower, then you can very lightly smooth over those ends just to take the excess off and then rinse straight away. You never ever need to rub the ends of your hair with shampoo or hair cleanser that is. The way you would look after and clean the hair I would say is always with your conditioner. So by using a nice moisturiser, and my four in one conditioner is wonderful for that because one of the uses...one of the four uses is to use it in the shower as a detangler. And that’s a really great way to…you know you could comb it through, rinse that and that is going to clean anything that you may have needed to clean through the end of the hair – food smells, you know, the smell of the traffic if you were in the city, etc. That will all come out when you are using the conditioner and rinsing it off again. And then I said its also the four in one but its also a leave in conditioner so you would apply it just to the weakest areas that need that extra layer. And I would always use it as a styling aid so the four in one conditioner is designed to be applied root to tips and blow dry in so you got your heat protection. And it really bulks and pads and volumizes the hair in that process its amazing. Its amazing how it protects. If the hair has got a wave in it and you want to soften and smooth it then you can do that. Because if hair is de-moisturized it becomes stiff and it breaks easily and it snaps easily and its not easy to mould and maneuverer. So if you can really moisturize it well, when you start to blow dry it behaves so well you can actually do whatever you need to do with it because it becomes this wonderful fabric that’s just literally putty in your hands. It’s just easy and malleable and form any shape that you want to shape. One last use is that you can do that wet or dry so because it’s a hair moisturiser, that’s a really different…I don’t know anyone that makes a moisturiser that you can do that with. So I encourage someone to use my four in one conditioner literally when you moisturise your face in morning, also moisturise your hair and the same at night. And because you are constantly topping up that moisture, which is my third principle…if you constantly top it up then you never get where it’s a dry sponge because its always about moisturising the sponge. So it doesn’t ask for more when you go outside. Because inevitably moisture evaporates, we can’t avoid that fact, and if you live you know if you are in LA and it’s a warm climate, then of course the moisture will evaporate if you’ve been out in the sun. But if you are constantly putting a little and often back into the hair then it just keeps it balanced. 

Raquel: I have a question for you about that. Um actually…so I’m in LA now but living in the UK. What damage does the cold air do to your hair as winter is coming?

Tabitha: I’m not sure that the cold air does damage that much to be honest. I think that again the two elements that I have spoken about with the oiling and the moisturising. If you are doing those things regularly, then your hair is very well protected against the cold or the heat. The cooler hair doesn’t make the hair evaporate quite so much but the difference is, if you are going inside, because you know you’ve got heating on in your home, then you might find that your moisture is evaporating from your hair because of that. That’s another reason why that repeat application, morning and night…umm I’ll put some on now and show you. So this is my four in one conditioner, so if I just take one pump of that now, so its just like a film onto my hands, literally I can just put that on now and you won’t see it. It will just smooth out the hair. So you wear it, it’s a moisturiser you wear. And by topping that up constantly, then the hair just gets to a point where it doesn’t have to ask for more.

Raquel: Right. Yea…

Tabitha: I would say that the other thing then is that when you are using the oil treatment, that sort of super boosts that routine if you like. Because if you have sealed the hair down here that’s weaker in your length for example, or even if you’ve got gob length hair, then it might be the top layers that would have more heat over the years, more sunshine, maybe a bit more colour…all of those things that might weaken the hair. By sealing it well with the hair oil. Then that hair oil has already got that very fine coating that makes it feel stronger. And then when you moisturise it will attach the oil and protect those weaker areas better if that makes sense. 

Raquel: No that makes sense yea. You have so much knowledge about this. Okay perfect so…

Tabitha: Well I could talk all day.

Raquel: So number one is oil balancing, number two is cleansing, and then what is your third principle? 

Tabitha: My third principle is moisture layering. Its what I’ve been talking about. So you would use it as a de-tangler in the shower. There’s your one layer that you rinse off. But if your hair doesn’t feel dirty…so you know if you haven’t washed it for five days and you’ve been in the city then of course you are going to want to rinse that conditioner off. But, if you are washing it again, umm you washed it two days ago, the hair feels pretty clean you’re really just washing it to refresh it. Then you probably don’t need to rinse that conditioner off completely. So there’s your first layer of moisture already. So I would have squeezed off the moisture, put the conditioner on, comb it through, and think okay this looks great I don’t need to rinse this through. But I would then apply a little more to the ends because they are a bit weaker. So I will give them a bit of extra protection. Then when I come to blow dry I’ll take maybe three or four pumps and I will work that root to tips and then I will blow-dry it in. So then I already have got three layers of moisture on my hair. By the time I’ve dried it, of course some of that has dried off with heat. So I’ve probably been left with two good layers of moisture. My hair then looks happy and healthy and moisturised. That evening I may apply another layer just to top it up and then I would do the same the following morning. And I would keep going with that until I next wash my hair. So its just having a product that is so multi-functional that you can keep applying between washes just enables you to keep that going. Because otherwise, your moisturising only happens once when you are in the shower. You know, when you are putting conditioner on.

Raquel: And so you’ve given us a lot of pointers, which I’m sure we are so excited to take away. What is the biggest problem you find people come to you with as a hair-dresser?

Tabitha: I think frizzy hair is the thing that everyone gets wound up about. And for me, that’s totally caused by the way people wash their hair. So the first thing I would say, no matter what you are using is stop washing the life out of your hair. Stop scrubbing your hair with shampoo. If you do that, that really changes your hair straight away. 

Raquel: But scrub your scalp?

Tabitha: Yes. Yea, give your scalp a really deep clean. Yea, definitely. Really get plenty of product into your scalp and get a really good rinse and that is enough to refresh the ends of the hair. You don’t need to ever rub through the length of the hair. So I would say that would be my big tip to tell everybody to do. But then I would also say of course – use a natural product that’s also really important. The more natural you can get your product the better your hair will behave, the happier it will be. Its been twenty years I’ve been on this journey. I didn’t have to make my own products, I could have…I was personally challenged by my experience that my midwife gave me. But it would have been so much easier if the products were so much better in the mainstream industries, I would have gone back. First and foremost I’m a hair geek, that was my thing. I needed to get the best results from hair because I run a very busy salon, I’m really proud of being a really great hairdresser, that for me I have to deliver the best that I can do. So if the products weren’t better natural I wouldn’t have gone that way but I know that they are. I mean the performance was right in front of me. And no matter how I tried, I just got better and better results. But the problem is and I think why this hasn’t been believable, is because products out there are not one hundred percent natural. They are natural-ish. They have got natural ingredients and that’s not enough. It has to be totally natural to really get that high performance.

Raquel: Yea, there is a lot of green washing. Or it will say oh it has something like tea tree oil in it, but really all the other ninety-nine percent of the ingredients are terrible. And that is why PURE has Tabitha James Kraan’s products in their salons. And there is the deep clean conditioner.

Tabitha: Yes, the clean conditioner. Which is a really deep…it’s the total opposite to my four in one. The clean conditioner is fantastic. It’s incredibly pure. And this is a one hit conditioner. So this product you only need to put it where you need it because it is so, so rich but it just absorbs straight into the hair and will make the hair feel amazing for days.

Raquel: And also the clean shampoo. So if you use any of their spa treatments those are in their spas now to try. It’s my personal favourite as well. Totally clean. Yea beautiful products. And that’s the other thing, it’s also something that you want to have on your bathroom shelf. Even the dry shampoo, just throw it in your purse. They have a compact one, its super cute. Yea….

Tabitha: Yea, the full size shaker and the dry shampoo

Raquel: Yea, how cute is that? Like I mean… 

Tabitha: Well, I modelled this on a ninety fifties compact. I wanted it to be something that we girls could covet and want to be in our hand bag. It’s got a beautiful design, its so lovely to use. And you literally pop off the lid spray into the hair and its lift and go. Literally it just refreshes those roots and off you go and it smells great to doesn’t it. All of my products are aromatherapy scented. Because I was just determined…I’m such a girly girl by I love products. I’m a product junkie too. I wanted this to be really pure but it had to be really good and fun to use and as you say, something you want to have in your bathroom or on your dressing table.

Raquel: Yea, you definitely do, they are so beautiful. And then there is also the hair oil which is doing really well as well. Yea and inside there is a little stone as well.

Tabitha: There is real love in a bottle here that we’ve made sure. There is an amethyst stone in every single bottle. And the amethyst is….it’s really there as a gift to compliment the product, if you believe in crystal healing then the idea is the amethyst is really good for positive energy, positive thinking, and given that this is something that I am encouraging people to sleep in and put on my head, the emotions around when you are using it. You know the oil is about really being nice to yourself, really nurturing and loving your hair. And also in the process because we have this wonderful aromatherapy scenting…as well, it smells so amazing. It is meant to be a beautiful ritual that you get used to doing once a week. So we put the amethyst in there really to really supercharge the oil and to put real love in the bottle.

 Raquel: Yea, it's doing really well we love it. And if you want you can try any of their products at pure salons. Check them out. They also have…I really like her Instagram – she has all kinds of videos with people talking all about her products and also her demonstrating the products so check out her Instagram as well. So thank you so much Tabitha for coming on Clean Chat today. You’ve given us so many great tips. I’ll also be sharing the tips and links in a blog. So thank you so much for coming on the show.

Tabitha: My absolute pleasure. Thank you for having me.

Raquel: Thank you 

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