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Top clean beauty makeup picks for the winter

Have you ever wondered how to prioritise your makeup purchases for the coming season? Or what colors work with your skin and skin tone? Or even just how to correctly apply makeup? We have you covered.

In this episode of Clean Chat, Noleen  of Noleen Sliney Makeuphelps us to choose all natural and organic makeup options that will invigorate our winter makeup routine as well as shoes us how to choose the best products - all for under $100.

Here's how Noleen says you should prioritise your winter makeup purchases:

Foundation (estimated $30-$40)

Make sure that you find a foundation that gives your skin a dewy and hydrated look this winter. This can be found in light to medium weight foundations (mixed in with your moisturizer) or even just a foundation that gives a satin finish, for instance.

Check out some of our favourites below! If you would like to have a specific recommendation that works for you just let us know at info@thecleanhub.com and we will have Noleen help you find your best swaps and matches!

Blush/Blusher ($20-$30)

Cream foundations are best for your winter makeup routine because they don't dry out the skin. For example, a clean beauty blush is important because it helps to nourish and hydrate the skin - but putting good ingredients back into your skin (instead of dehydrating them like a lot of mainstream brands). Be sure to apply it from the top of your cheekbone down.

Here are some examples of what we like:

If you would like a direct color match, email us at info@thecleanhub and we will help you out!

Lipstick ($20-$40)

A good all natural lipstick is important because it helps to nourish the lips and not dehydrate them. As an example, we have listed our favorite nourishing lipsticks and lip stains:

Want to know what colors work best for you? Try out Noleen's lipstick challenge here.

Anything left over? 

Spend it on a neutral eye shadow! As Noleen says, everyone should have neutral shades in their makeup bag. Here are a few of our favourites:

If you are looking for clean beauty swaps or wondering what products would be best for your skin tone, Noleen can help you. Check out her tutorials and workbook below if you are looking for more information!

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