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The Glow Getter

"...it's about a whole holistic system that you have got to nurture if you want to glow inside and out."

- Ailish Lucas, The Glow Getter

We get the deets from Ailish

In this episode of Clean Chat, we are so excited to chat with the fabulous Ailish Lucas, otherwise known in the clean beauty world as The Glow Getter!

Like many of us, Ailish started her journey towards clean beauty after years of struggling with skin issues. Once she found the perfect remedy she documented her realizations in her blog, The Glow Getter. Ailish has since flourished into a fabulous clean beauty influencer. As such, we wanted to spend some time to get to know what she looks for in brands that she works with.

Ailish gives us 3 main things she looks for in a brand so its a must listen! We also chat about her fab new project, The Glow Summit.

The Glow Summit: April 15th - 19th

Ailish runs the UK's leading five day online summit, The Glow Summit! We love this online summit because it features experts in areas such as: nutrition, mindset, clean beauty, exercise, and life. All parts of the bigger picture to help you get that glow getter skin!

Some of the experts that will be speaking are:

- Sammie Kolk, Green Beauty makeup artist

- Lisa Fennessey, Green Beauty Blogger 

- Dr Libby Weaver, Nutritional Biochemist and International Best Selling Author

And of course, Ailish Lucas, founder of The Glow Getter!

Now onto the show!


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