Prep your Beauty Pitch deck for investment

How is my beauty pitch deck? Is my brand ready for investment? Where do I go when I'm looking to raise investment?

These are some of the buzzing questions we are often asked from our members and community at The Clean Hub. This is not an accident, as the natural and indie beauty industry has seen record growth in M&A and investment over the past few years. This week on Clean Chat, we were lucky enough to interview two significant fund managers (Jana Bakunina from Silvergate Investmentsand Manish Karani from Bran Investments), on what they would look for in a beauty brand before they invest. They both share tremendous industry knowledge in start-ups, beauty, as well as pitch decks and we were over the moon to have them on!

Jana founded Silvergate Investments earlier this year with Waheed Alli, (the founding Chairman of ASOS) to help women and minorities raise early stage investment. Manish works as the Investment Manager of Bran Investments, whom invest in green companies that show great social impact. You may have heard about the work they have done with the beauty brand, Optiat, at Pitch & Plant.

This Clean Chat podcast interviewis packed with helpful tips and tricks that are a must know for all indie beauty brands looking to raise investment. From all of the tips and tricks we chat about, we’ve pulled out 3 key things that must be included in your beauty pitch deck.


[dt_highlight color=d27e8a text_color="" bg_color=d27e8a]An outstanding and relevant story [/dt_highlight]

Your story is important for more than one reason. Firstly, your brand story is a way for consumers to resonate with your product. It allows a potential customer to get a better understanding of how your product/s would fit (and is needed) in their lives.  Secondly, your story attests to your ability to overcome challenges - something that investors see as a must needed attribute in an entrepreneur. It will also show investors that you have more than a financial interest, but a genuine vested interest in your business succeeding, ultimately allowing you to be more successful in the tough first few years.


[dt_highlight color=d27e8a text_color="" bg_color=d27e8a]Spend the money on growth[/dt_highlight]

How do you plan to spend the money? Investors want to see that the majority of the money is going to help you to fill larger orders and grow market share. Be sure to include a plan on how you will be spending the money as well as your go-to-market strategy. You definitely want to also add some very specific KPIs that are relevant to your particular products and not the beauty industry as a whole. For example, if your products treat people with freckles in the US – how big is the freckle market in the US and how do you plan to tackle that market?


[dt_highlight color=d27e8a text_color="" bg_color=d27e8a]Stand out from the crowd[/dt_highlight]

Investors see hundreds if not thousands of pitch decks in a short period of time. How do you make sure that yours gets noticed among the crowd? Try and think of an inventive way to get your brand noticed by the investor. Maybe make them a song?...okay maybe too much! But don't be afraid to put yourself out there. Jana from Silvergate Investmentshas also written a blog that covers how you can stand out in front of investors. You can check it out here!

Now on to the show!

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