Introducing the PURE Beauty Zone Brands: Tabitha James Kraan

The Clean Hub Introducing the PURE Beauty Zone Brands: Tabitha James Kraan

This week I wanted to share the story of another of the brands stocked at the PURE Beauty Zone, Tabitha James Kraan. If you want to know more about why we partnered with PURE and what we hope to achieve, check out our blog post here, and take a look at our introduction to Myroo here.

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Tabitha is a self confessed hair geek, but she is also a wife, mother, an owner of two adorable pugs and a keen equestrian. Having always wanted to be a hair artist, she trained with the best, including Vidal Sassoon in London. Tabitha then went on to open her first salon in 1993, a salon to cater for city life and the entrepreneurs living in the area.

Even though Tabitha was born into an ‘organic home’ where she reared livestock and grew her own vegetables, it wasn’t until she was pregnant with her first child in 1999 that she had her clean beauty light bulb moment. She realised that what she put on her body, including the products she used on her hair, would be passed onto her unborn child. Her eyes were opened to the harmful ingredients found in mainstream skincare and haircare and she wanted to make a change for herself, her family and her salon clients.

Tabitha was committed to educating herself about how to care for hair naturally but quickly became frustrated at the lack of natural haircare on the market which didn’t compromise on performance. Tabitha James Kraans’ organic products were first created in 2013. They were rigorously tested in her salon by her loyal customers, and guess what… they loved them! The awesome products were officially released in 2015 and Tabitha continues to be dedicated to the mission to eradicate toxins and synthetic ingredients from the haircare industry.

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We wanted to share one of our favourite TJK products that is stocked in PURE Spa store’s and online, the scented organic hair oil. We’re not the only ones who love this product, its currently sold out on the TJK website! Named ‘Youth Dew’, it is aromatherapy scented with the luxurious TJK signature Amber Rose scent. No matter how stressed or damaged your hair is from lifestyle, styling or weather, Tabithas’ organic hair oil will correct moisture balance and leave your hair feeling restored and with a healthy shine. It gives a boost of moisture for dehydrated hair and can be used either as a nourishing treatment, or for daily protection.

 You need to give this product a try!

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