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Introducing the PURE Beauty Zone Brands: Myroo

This week, I wanted to start introducing you to the brands currently stocked at our retail partner PURE Spa and Beauty, beginning with Myroo. If you want to know more about why we partnered with PURE and what we hope to achieve,check out our blog post all about it here.

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In the picturesque setting of Harrogate, Yorkshire, Myroo’s products are made in small batches with sensitive and allergenic skin in mind. Myroo’s mission is for consumers to be comfortable in their own skin and that starts with a confidence in the ingredients their products contain. 

Founder Rachael Dunseath describes Myroo as the UK’s first free from skincare brand, with all of their products being free from all 14 food allergens, including gluten, nut and dairy products (as well as of course being natural and cruelty free). Over the past few years we have seen a slow but steady shift in free from foods becoming more readily available in supermarkets and restaurants. But its important not to forget about the ingredients we are also putting on our skin. Based on her personal experiences, Rachael wanted to build a skincare brand that was a safe space for those with allergies or sensitive skin. Gone are the days of spending hours of your time scrutinising the small print on your skincare.

Beginning in childhood, Rachael suffered with a host of allergies including eggs, pollen and nuts (an allergy that developed four years ago). Together with eczema, this meant Rachael had to be particularly careful about the ingredients in the cosmetics products she was using. [Find out more about Rachaels journey with allergens here.] However, navigating the small print and ingredients lists filled with words we can’t pronounce is certainly not easy. So, Rachael turned to creating her own natural skincare brand which is based on a personal understanding of what it is really like to live with allergies and sensitive skin.

Both The Clean Hub and PURE Spa and Beauty love the inherently personal approach to skincare Rachael brings with Myroo. A skincare brand that caters to all skin types, including those with sensitive and allergenic skin is hard to come by and her products are beautiful and affordable. We love the way Myroo encapsulates Rachaels personality and her experiences, even down to the name Myroo coming from her nickname, Roo.

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We wanted to share one our favourite products that is stocked in the PURE Spa store’s and online, the Myroo Hand Treat. If your hands are looking a little worn then this is the product for you. This intensive treatment is really nourishing and rich, leaving your hands feeling soft and restored. It contains some awesome ingredients, including grapeseed oil to maintain elastin and avocado butter which is rich in antioxidants and vitamins.

One of the most common skin allergies is to fragrance and perfume, and it can be really tough to find non scented cosmetics. Along with all Myroo’s products being free from and natural, they also offer a fragrance free version of everyproduct. [Find out more about fragrance sensitivity here.]

Check out the Hand Treat in both fragrance freeand geranium scented.

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About the Orange Blossom Cleanser and Cloth:

“Lovely gentle but effective cleanser. And the cloth is the best one I've ever used: soft on one side and exfoliating on the other.”

About the Skin Boost Facial Serum:

"It’s leave my skin feeling so soft and I look brighter in the face. Love the fact all the ingredients are natural. I brought a mini trial kit for a friend to try, I’ll definitely be talking up these products and the excellent service you receive."

You can check out all the Myroo products and the other PURE Beauty Zone brands onlineand in store, and receive 15% off your first order with the code CLEANBEAUTY15.

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