Introducing PURE Beauty Zone!

The Clean Hub Blog: Introducing PURE Beauty Zone!

A few weeks ago we proudly announced our retail partnership with PURE Spa and Beauty! Today, and over the coming weeks, I wanted to tell you about why we partnered with PURE, what we hope to achieve and the brands from our community that are currently in stores around the UK!

So first, a little bit about PURE. Back in 2002, Becky Woodhouse, PURE’s founder, noticed a gap in the market for an urban day spa. A place for busy professionals to get their beauty and spa treatments during their lunch break, in-between meetings or after work. Over the past 16 years PURE has continued to grow and grow, currently with 8 locations throughout the UK.

We wanted to create a partnership between The Clean Hub and a beauty retailer to not only give brands in our community an opportunity to have their products stocked in stores all over the UK, but also to spread the word about clean beauty. With their own natural skincare line, Pure Spa was the perfect match.

PURE Beauty Zone is a market place for exclusively clean products and brands sourced from The Clean Hub community. We are working together to ensure that consumers can buy beauty products with the confidence that they are truly natural. Consumers have the chance to try out the range of skin and haircare products in store, to ask questions about what clean really means and to purchase products that are affordable and of the highest quality. Up and coming natural beauty brands also have the opportunity to showcase themselves to PURE’s established customer base and grow their business.

The PURE Beauty Zone is currently stocked with fabulous products from four top brands. Myroois a plant based skincare brand who creates products suitable for all, including those with sensitive and allergenic skin. Tabitha James Kraanis a brand that not only creates awesome natural haircare products, but also considers sustainable and recyclable packaging. After 10 years of development and a unique new method of delivering ingredients to the skin, eyeSliceshave produced an eye care product that really works. Finally, PURE skincareis an oil based range which has been created by Becky with skin health and natural rejuvenation in mind.

Over the coming weeks, I will be telling you a little more about the PURE Beauty Zone brands, their stories and of course our favorite products. But for now, you can check them out onlineand in store, and receive 15% off your first order with the code [dt_highlight color=d27e8a text_color="" bg_color=d27e8a]CLEANBEAUTY15.[/dt_highlight]

Viva clean beauty!

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