Instagrams Top 3 Analytics Insights

The Clean Hub Blog: Instagrams Top 3 Analytics Insights

Data should be at the heart of your decision making for your business. These days we are able to access so much information about our following and customer base that there is no need for guess work. The data you gather from your social media platforms or your website should be used to help you better understand your audience, to tell you who they are and what they want to see from you. Data tells you whether your marketing techniques are working or whether you should make some changes.

Focusing on Instagram for today, Insights is an analytics tool for Instagram business accounts, there to help you find out a little bit more about your followers and how they interact with your Instagram profile. You’ll find data in a whole host of categories including, follower age, gender and location, as well as profile visits and post reach.

Read on to learn about the top three data insights you can learn from Instagram, and how to use them to improve your marketing strategy.

The underlying purpose of your social media accounts is to generate engagement with your followers and customer base, whether that be in the form of making a sale or just learning more about who you are. The ‘interactions’ insights tell you just that. At both an account and post level, you can find out how many people visited your profile or clicked the link in your bio to your website.

In the top bar on the right you will find the bar chart icon which will take you to the analytics data for your overall profile. Under the ‘Activity’ tab, you will find the interactions insights. You can use the graph presented to compare the number of interactions from one week to the next and identify particular days where your interaction levels were high.

If one day stood out to you, take a closer look at the content you posted that day and click ‘View Insights’ underneath that post. Here you have a further breakdown of the interactions taken directly from that post. Keep an eye out for any patterns emerging - you may notice that one particular type of content generates high levels of interaction, so make more of it!

When looking at the Insights for individual posts, its also key to pay some attention to the ’Discovery’ set of data. This tells you how people viewed your post, for example through scrolling though their feed, thorough viewing it on your profile or through searching for hashtags. Reaching new accounts should always be a goal. With this data, you can test out using different hashtags or trying out a new type of content, seeing if you gain more impressions or follows as a result. 

When you started thinking about starting your business you will of created a target customer profile, going into detail about who your customer is, their age, their interests and  personality. But how do you know if you were right? The ‘Audience’ tab on the account insights gives you some really useful information about who your audience actually is - and it might be completely different than you first thought.

The Audience Insights will tell you where your followers are located, whether than be the county or the city, the age distribution of your followers and their gender. Importantly, Insights will also tell you when your followers are most active on Instagram. Try to post your content at peak times to get the highest level of engagement with your followers.

Social media marketing is all about testing out what works for you and your followers - use the data available to you to find out! What do you find most useful about Instagram Insights?

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