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The Clean Hub Blog: How To Plan Your Blog Content

To accompany this weeks new collab release, ‘Blogging for Your Beauty Business’, with Colleen Welschfrom Glossy Type, we wanted to write a post all about content planning and content calendars. Colleen kindly provided us with a content calendar template to share, which you can download by entering your email below. 

[dt_highlight color=d27e8a text_color="" bg_color=d27e8a]WHY SHOULD YOU HAVE A BLOG? [/dt_highlight]

Colleen answers this question in more depth in her webinar, but in short, a blog increases both the amount of organic traffic your site receives and the amount of leads. An increase in traffic means an increase in conversions and sales, which is what every business wants! A blog is a great way to not only reveal a bit more of your personality to your customers, but also to show off your knowledge and expertise about your industry, building trust with your audience.

 A blog also shows your customers that your business is active and up to date. If a potential customer was to take a look at your blog and see that you’ve not posted in 2 years, they might wonder whether you’re products have been updated too, or even if you are still in business! A regularly updated blog prevents your business from being perceived as stagnant. It means the content you put out there is always fresh and engaging for both your regular customers and new leads.

[dt_highlight color=d27e8a text_color="" bg_color=d27e8a]WHY DO YOU NEED TO PLAN YOUR CONTENT? [/dt_highlight]

Planning the content, not only for your blog but also for your social media, is such an important step in the running of your business. All the content you release is interdependent - what you post on your Facebook and Instagram will depend on the content you post on your blog and vice versa. With all aspects content marketing, consistency is key. Like I said earlier, you don’t want your audience to think you’ve dropped off the face of the earth so if you say your going to post one blog post every week, stick to it!  Making a plan in advance will make this far easier.

Gone will be the days where your post is due tomorrow and you still have no idea what to write about - we’ve all been there! The hardest part of maintaining a blog for your business is coming up with new and exciting topics on a regular basis. Having a content plan and calendar, will help you with this and you won’t have to waste time frantically searching for post ideas.

Having a plan will also help you create a strategy for your content. You may find your posting too much of a particular topic and your blog is becoming repetitive, or that three of your ideas work really well together. This isn’t something you’ll find out if your only writing your blog the day before its due to be posted.

[dt_highlight color=d27e8a text_color="" bg_color=d27e8a]WHAT SHOULD I WRITE ABOUT?[/dt_highlight]

Again, this is a question that Colleen discusses in more depth in her collabwith us, but there are so many ways you can generate relevant ideas for your blog. Think about industry news or even just whats going on in your own business. Give your audience a sneak peak of whats behind the scenes - it will help you develop a deeper connection with your customers. While it is important to talk about your own products (we do want the blog to drive sales after all), try not to be overly self promotional - it may put reader off buying from you. An increase in sales will come as your audience trusts and values what you have to say.

 Another great tip we have learnt is to keep all your blog post ideas in one place. If your anything like us, you have lists of ideas in random notebooks and on post it notes, and in multiple word documents on your computer. Keeping your ideas organised and collated in one place will help you create that strategy I mentioned earlier. You will be able to pick and choose blog post topics off your list that follow a particular theme or give your audience variety. So, whether you use the old fashioned way of pen and paper, or you use an digital idea dump, get organised!

[dt_highlight color=d27e8a text_color="" bg_color=d27e8a]SOME FINAL TIPS [/dt_highlight]

 Allow for flexibility.Even though I have stressed the importance of making plan and sticking to it, sometimes things change and thats okay. There may be a huge piece of industry news you want to talk about or an unexpected new beauty trend. Don’t feel that just because its not in your calendar means you cant post about it.

Be honest.Your blog is an extension of both yourself and your brand. Stay true to what you stand for and be honest if there is something you disagree with - your audience will respect you for that.

Find new angles.There are so many beauty blogs out there and its important to have your own voice among the noise. Finding new angles to approach a topic, or new ways to present your thoughts will make you and your blog stand out from the rest.

So thats our thoughts on content planning for your blog. Its all about getting organised so that consistently creating blog posts for your business isn’t an overwhelming challenge. When you have a plan in place, your blog will be run like clockwork. Don’t forget to enter your email below to download Colleens’ content calendar template, and check out her awesome webinar here(or find out more about our membership programhere). 

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