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How To Perfect Your Elevator Pitch

You’ve probably heard of an elevator pitch before, but have you taken some time to sit down and perfect yours? The ability to communicate who you are and what you do in the short space of time it takes to ride an elevator is a really useful skill to have - you never know who you’re going to bump into, so be prepared!

Keep reading for a few tips on when to use your elevator pitch, some what to do’s and some important what not to do’s, and download our workbook PDF which takes you through a super simple process to craft your perfect elevator pitch!

How many times have you been asked, ‘so, what do you do?’, whether its at a networking event or even just by your local taxi driver? If you’ve ever stumbled a little when answering this question, you need an elevator pitch.

An elevator pitch is a short pre-prepared speech which explains who you are and what your company does. It is persuasive and memorable and is intended to spark an interest in your listener about what you do. As the name suggests, the pitch should be communicated in the short time it takes to ride an elevator, about 20-30 seconds. These days, people are busy, so you need to get your point across quickly and effectively.

It’s always handy to have your pre-prepared elevator pitch in your back pocket - you never know when you might bump into an industry leader or potential investor who is interested in you.

Elevator pitches are also perfect for networking eventswhen introducing yourself to a tonne of new people. They are designed to be an ice breaker - something that will hopefully spark interest in what you do and lead to a deeper conversation and new connections.

Make them care- personalising your pitch to your audience will make the listener more invested in what you have to say. Try asking them a question or two during your pitch.

Leave them wanting- you want to make sure you communicate all the key points about yourself and your business, but you also want to initiate deeper conversation and take the connection further.

Have a call to action- your elevator pitch is just the beginning. Always carry your business card or something your listener can take away with them to remember you by. And if you want something from them, make it clear.

Do you have any top tips for creating the perfect elevator pitch? Leave us a comment - we'd love to know! And don't forget to enter your email below to receive our 5 step process to nailing your elevator pitch!

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