How To Optimise Your Product Listings

The Clean Hub Blog: How To Optimise Your Product Listings

Spending a little bit of time optimising your product listings on your web-shop is a really important aspect of your marketing strategy, and one not to be forgotten. Your Instagram account may be aesthetically beautiful and it may draw consumers to your website, but it is your product listing that seals the deal. CBS reportedthat the average consumer is being exposed to 5,000 ads a day (and that was back in 2007 so I hate to think what number we have reached in todays society!), so you have to be able to convince a consumer that they should spend their hard earned cash on your product as opposed to someone else’s.

Your product listing is the key to explaining what exactly your product is and why it will be of value to a customer. It should provide them with all the information they could want to know about your product - leave them with questions and they will more than likely walk away.

Keep reading for some quick tips and download the workbook to optimise your product listing and boost your sales!

The images you choose to present your product to consumers are key to securing a sale. If your images are of a poor quality, consumers may think that will be reflected in the quality of the product itself. If you can, put aside some of your budget to get professional product shots taken for your website. Make sure they are simple and accurately represent your product - even show the product in use. 

Your product description needs to contain all the key information a customer would want to know about your product - make sure you don’t leave them with questions but keep it simple and easy to digest.. It’s really helpful to talk about the ways in which your product will benefit the customer, how it will save a problem for them, rather than simply a list of its features. Finally keywords are important for your SEO, but make sure they appear naturally in your copy. 

What if a customer is not satisfied with the quality of your product? What if it is not what they expected? Or what if they had a bad reaction when using it? Make your terms and conditions of purchase and important information about your product clear and easy to find to reassure customers before they buy. Today’s consumers also LOVE free and fast shipping, so if you are able to offer it, you could see the benefits in sales. 

I hope you found this post useful and don’t forget to download the workbook below to find simple ways to help you optimise your product listings. 

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