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Clean Chat - With Zaffrin O'Sullivan, Founder of Five Dot Botanics

This week I had the pleasure of talking to Zaffrin O’Sullivan, founder of the soon to launch minimalist clean beauty brand, Five Dot Botanics. After working as a lawyer for many years, Zaffrin was searching for a new idea to take her in a different direction and to meet new people. This is where Zaffrin’s clean beauty journey began, initially as a blog about beekeeping. Being immersed in nature and working with beeswax led Zaffrin to her clean beauty light bulb moment and the beginnings of her skincare company Five Dot Botanics.

I love the way that Zaffrin describes the name ‘Five Dot Botanics’ as her North Star of her brand, something to always come back to if she finds herself losing her way. With the maximum number of ingredients in each of her products capped at five, it perfectly encapsulates her vision of a simple and radically minimalist brand. Registering the trademark wasn’t all that simple though, but Zaffrin stood her ground after objections from Chanel! For Five Dot Botanics, less really is more. If your only going to use five ingredients, you have to make sure they really work. Zaffrin has created some really beautiful products, including a facial mist and a oil gel cleanser, that we cant wait to try!

Zaffrin also discusses her commitment to sustainability, seeing Five Dot Botanics as a business committed to more than just providing beauty products. The ethicality of the supply chain, the impact on the environment and creation of employment opportunities have all been carefully considered to form an ecosystem of positivity that goes well beyond just their products.

Finally, Zaffrin gave some words of advice for other founders out there, or anyone considering starting the challenging journey of establishing your own skincare business. Here are some of her top tips:

  • Surround yourself and your business with the right people
  • Get your branding registered early so you don’t have any headaches down the line
  • Consider funding and investment earlier than you think (with support and resources from The Clean Hub!)

A big thank you to Zaffrin for being part of our community and sharing her story and advice on Clean Chat this week. Check out the podcast below!

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