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Clean Chat - With Melissa Chartan, Founder of Planted Skincare

This week on Clean Chat we talk to Melissa Chartan, founder of Planted Skincare. Having had skin problems when she was a teenager, Melissa did some research into the moisturisers she was so regularly putting on her skin. Finding that although offering instant relief, some of the ingredients in these moisturisers were contributing to lasting damage of the skins natural function. Therefore, she began making her own skincare products, safe in the knowledge that what she was putting on her skin was 100% natural. Planted Skincare was born as a natural progression from making these products for herself and wider group of friends.

Although this natural next step into starting your own business isn’t always available to other founders out there, one of Melissa’s words of advice to others was to never feel like your taking a huge leap into the complete unknown. Always try and feel confident about your decisions and take your time. Also, you know what your strengths are, so try not to spend your time on too many other aspects of running a business when you could do with a little help from someone else.

What we really loved about Planted Skincare is that they cater to all ages, skin types and genders. As Melissa mentioned, the beauty industry is prone to persuading consumers that they need an endless list of different products, each suited to different skin types or needed to solve a different problem. Planted however, is here to make things simple for the consumer. Whether you have dry eczema prone skin or oily skin, Melissa’s products work wonders.

In this episode, Melissa also gives away one of her top beauty tips. Whenever she can, Melissa massages her eye area with her ring fingers. She swears by it to stimulate circulation, drain fluid build up and reduce puffiness. We know we will be giving that a go!

A big thank you to Melissa for sharing your story on Clean Chat this week. Now onto the show! Listen to the full episode below, on iTunes, or check out the transcript…

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