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Clean Chat - With Jeannie Jarnot of Beauty Heroes

Before starting The Clean Hub to help clean beauty founders grow their business through business information and retail partnerships, I was just a girl that really liked clean beauty products.  One of the first companies I started following and fan-girling was Beauty Heroes. Beauty Heroes is an online beauty store and monthly beauty discovery service that delivers one hero product at a time. What I liked about them was that they were very informative about healthier beauty options and held a very high ingredient standard - ultimately helping me to transition easily to clean beauty products.

As Beauty Heroes is a leader within the clean beauty space, we were quite lucky enough to sit down with its founder, Jeannie Jarnot, to hear her story as well as learn what she looks for from the brands she works with. She also had some very exciting news about the future of Beauty Heroes and the launch of their FREE master class series. This awesome master class allows natural beauty enthusiasts to learn valuable insights about sustainability, ingredients, traditional and innovative wellness techniques and more. So go and check out the series on their website now! Just click here for more info.

As a quick sneak peak into our chat about working with retailers, Jeannie was quite helpful and spoke in-depth about what she looks for from brands. As Beauty Heroes is one of the most popular platforms to buy clean beauty products from, it gets approached by new clean beauty brands daily so they are sure to start by asking brands for their why. She mentions that, “starting a skincare brand in this day and age takes a lot of courage and there has to be a real reason why…Why did you bring this product to market, because there are other products like it?”  Jeannie’s candid and helpful chat is definitely a good one for all brands to listen to.

Here are also a few other key pointers from Jeannie for brands looking to work with retailers:

  • Make genuine connections with your customers
  • You need a strong why
  • Have beautiful packaging
  • Nurture relationships with retailers. It can sometimes take a couple years to work with a retailer.

Check out our podcast to learn more. Now on to the show!

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