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Clean Chat - With Alexandra Jansons, Founder of Oilixia

Oilixia is a clean beauty brand that introduces consumers to rare botanical oils and extracts that have been carefully curated from exotic places all over the globe. We had the pleasure of speaking with Oilixia’s founder, Alexandra Jansons, about how her world travels inspired her line. The products are a true reflection of an avid world traveller with a clear goal to create amazing natural and clean beauty products that are not hurting the environment, but rather nurturing it - as well as incredibly practical for every day life or travel.

While developing the brand, Alexandra made sure that the line was easy to travel with and could multitask. Having travelled to over 50 countries herself, Alexandra knew how important it was to have a minimalistic, but comprehensive approach to beauty. Alexandra even thought about the fact that the gummy cleanser had to be efficient and wipe clean, so that there was no gunk left on a towel after using the product in case someone needed to pack the towel in a suitcase. Oh and her best travel tip - multitask. You can use the gummy cleanser as a cleanser, a mask, and an exfoliator.

Alexandra also discusses the importance of sustainability. She mentions, “clean beauty is moving in a way in which products go beyond just being natural”.  Natural beauty founders need to take a look at how their products are sourced, and owe it to the customer to be transparent.  Following the sustainability note, Oilixia only uses packaging when needed and have completely moved away from plastic packaging.

Let’s talk beauty. Oilixia’s products start with the Explorer Blend Facial Oil, which is a blend of 21 potent oils that are packed with exotic ingredients sourced from around the world to brighten and tone the skin. Next is the Amazonian Cacay Facial oil. Sounds fab because it is fab. Cacay oil has over three times the amount of retinol of Rosehip oil and much more Vitamin E and Vitamin F than Argan Oil! Last but not least is the Gummy Cleanser, which is as awesome as it sounds. This product features Kakadu Plum Extract, which is abundant in Vitamin C and Phenolic Acid, so it works like a charm to exfoliate and brighten the skin.

That is not all. Alexandra has some top tips for those that are looking to start a clean beauty or natural beauty brand. You can check out a few of those tips here:

  • Be authentic. People like to buy from people.
  • Launch a few products, test the market, and reiterate from there
  • Don’t be afraid to start out small!

We talk about all things beauty and running a business. Check out the podcast below.

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