Clean Chat - Top Masking Tips with Flora Leung, Founder of Selia & Co

The Clean Hub Blog: Top Masking Tips with Flora Leung, Founder of Selia & Co

Our guest on Clean Chat this week is the fabulous Flora, founder of Selia & Co. Selia & Co produces products that nourish your skin using ingredients in their purest and most potent forms. There are no signs of harsh chemicals, artificial preservatives, parabens or sulphates, because as Flora says, your skin deserves better than that.

 Flora started working on clean skincare products four years ago and officially launched Selia & Co last year. She was uniquely inspired by her two biggest passions; skincare and tea. Cleansing and moisturising our skin is considered daily maintenance and for most using face masks would be considered something extra. However, Flora’s family have always emphasised the importance of masking and the abilities it has to treat your skin. They even have a family tradition of masking together every week!

 Flora’s other passion is tea and its wonderful properties such as being filled with nutrients and antioxidants. Flora decided that she wanted to harness these properties in their most potent form so we can get the full benefits of its ingredients. Therefore, she created a range of face masks, each focusing on a different tea and each benefiting our skin in different ways. The Peppermint Green Tea Mask, for example, is a brightening mask which specifically targets dark spots and blemishes (along with having a divine and relaxing scent). Her other masks are the healing Lavender and Black Tea Maskand the exfoliating Rose and Rooibos Tea Mask.

Another product from Selia & Co that I was really curious about was the Jasmine Green Tea Facial Steam. When I asked Flora, she opened my eyes to a whole new masking routine that I cant wait to try. Flora recommends that to get the most benefit from using your face masks and to help your skin absorb the formula, you should steam your face first! It really detoxes your skin and opens up your pores in preparation for applying the mask.

Finally in this episode, Flora chats through her advice to fellow clean beauty founders, or anyone who is thinking about starting their own business. She says, despite the taboo in our culture, don’t be afraid to make mistakes because thats when you will learn the most. Also, for any venture that you undertake, make sure its your passion. Along with the good times, there will always be tough ones and being super passionate about what your doing will get you through them.

Thanks again to Flora for being our guest on Clean Chat this week. I cant wait to try the new products you have coming out soon! Now onto the show! Listen to the full episode below, on iTunes, or check out the transcript…

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