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Clean Chat - Featuring Emmie and Laszlo, Founders of Magical Tree

Magical Tree’s clean beauty products are not only free of toxins, carcinogens, and animal testing – they are also vegan and eco-friendly. In fact, eco-friendliness, and even just friendliness, come as a courtesy to Magical Tree’s customers. I had the pleasure of interviewing Magical Tree’s co-founders, Emmie and Laszlo, recently to ask them about their experience in starting a clean beauty brand.

What I really liked about our chat was the fact that everything they said and did, came from the heart. And, it really shows in their products as well. Every ingredient and where it is sourced is taken into consideration. Definitely check out our podcast. We talk all things about starting a clean beauty business, Magical Tree’s fabulous clean beauty products, and the thought and consideration behind the brand.

This is a brand to follow and support. Check out their Instagram @magicaltreeskincareand website: https://www.magical-tree.com.

Now on to The Clean Chat show!

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