Clean Chat - CircCell's Push for Clean, With Founder Maya Crothers

Our guest on Clean Chatthis week is Maya Crothers, the founder of CircCell Skincare. As a brand who is currently transitioning its line to be exclusively clean,  Maya is the perfect guest to help us continue the open conversation we are creating with Clean Chat.

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Maya Crothers describes herself as a accidental entrepreneur. With both an engineering degree and an MBA, Maya began her career based in the technical and analytical side of business. In her 30’s, Maya retired and her family relocated to the small town of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. In Jackson Hole there is not a great deal to do other than to be outside, enjoying nature. However, being constantly exposed to the wind and the sun took its toll on Maya's skin and she struggled to find a product that could stand up to the harsh conditions (Maya even tried pouring olive oil all over her skin!).

So, Maya decided to create her own skincare solution, a line of products that work under extreme conditions, that can travel from climate to climate, all while bringing an element of nature and elegance. Although worlds away from her previous career, Maya used her analytical background to her advantage and created CircCell, a fundamentally performance based skincare line.

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Like ‘organic’, ‘natural’ and ‘green’, ‘clean’ is a term which has no official standards or impartial organisation that both brands and consumers can turn to for guidance. As Maya said, “the definition of clean beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and thats the biggest challenge. Recently in the States, Credo Beautyhas emerged as a leading voice in the clean beauty community. They hold the most stringent standards of what it is to be clean, and these are the guidelines that Maya has chosen to follow as CircCell transition to a clean brand.

CircCell remains a fundamentally performance based brand, but as the beauty industry evolves, so will they. The dirty ingredients in cosmetics products are often the preservatives and stabilisers. These are the ingredients that are being switched out for clean alternatives, and Maya is working hard to ensure the performance of CircCells products is never compromised.

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In this episode we chat all about Maya’s inspiring journey from business and engineering to a beauty entrepreneur, an industry which isn’t as intimidating and challenging to break into as you might think! Maya talks about how welcoming and supportive the beauty community is and how its all about sharing our knowledge and experiences.

We also loved Maya’s top beauty tip; just go outside! Taking some time to get some fresh air and clear your head is sometimes the best thing you can do for your self and your wellbeing. Finally, Maya notes the importance of doing your homework when entering into partnerships in all aspects of your business. Its far easier to enter into a partnership than to dissolve one, so it really is time well spent.

Thanks again to Maya for being our guest on Clean Chat this week. We are really excited to see CircCell evolve along side the clean beauty movement. Now onto the show! Listen to the full episode below, on iTunes, or check out the transcript…

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