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Clean Chat - Business and Investment Chat with CBCO

Today we had the pleasure of chatting with London based business-women, Elsie and Dominika, co-founders of CBCOand BYBI Beauty. They started CBCO back in 2015 after working together in advertising, and have since hit their stride. They are now making some serious waves in the clean beauty and natural beauty community through CBO, BYBI beauty and fabulous book all about Clean Beauty.

All of their BYBI products are 100% natural, vegan, and of course cruelty free. They believe in affordability and transparency, and have fab products that range from natural lip scrub, to lip balm, to their multifunctional Babe Balm. You can check out their full list of products here.

They have become quite an inspiration as well as a great case study for clean beauty brands on how to grow a clean beauty or natural beauty brand. And more importantly, they are happy to share their knowledge with the community to talk about how they do things a bit differently. Here are some key pieces of advice from Elsie and Dominika to all clean beauty founders:

Perfection is a killer. Their advice is to get your products out there. They say, “It will never be perfect. We are constantly iterating, we are constantly analyzing….” So get your products out there!

Test, get feedback, make changes, iterate. BYBI Beauty tests out small batches of products and change it according to customer feedback and trends - quite uncommon in beauty. As Dominika mentions, “You know what tends to happen is huge corporations will produce millions and millions and millions of one sku, and once its out there its out there. And if they don’t like it they just pull it, they don’t look to improve it at all.” You should always be finding ways to better your products for your customers.

Reach out to your own network for investment first. If you are looking for investment, its better to raise it with people that you know who understand your work ethic, vision and will leave you alone to do with you do. They mention, “we found a lot of success through extended networks - you know, ex-colleagues, friends of friends, family friends…” So start with friends and family first if you can!

They also talk advice when meeting with investors and much, much more! Be sure to check out our full interview below!

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