3 Blogging Rules for your Clean Beauty Business

The Clean Hub Episode 24: With Colleen Welsch Founder of Glossy Type

Clean beauty blogging. Some people enjoy it, most people don’t, but statistics show that writing a blog for your clean beauty business is a strong in-bound marketing strategy. And as Colleen from Glossy Typementions, now is the time as "the beauty space is the most saturated its ever been. “


But if you are like anyone we know, it is a full-on effort to get words to paper. And even more effort making it sound decent. Not to mention we are busy running businesses that we don’t often have time in our busy schedules to spend a few hours a week blogging.


No fear friends, our interview with the fabulous Colleen Welsch from Glossy Type  covers the do’s and don'ts of writing a blog and how to best maximise your time and money by DIYing it yourself for your natural or vegan beauty brand. So for you time-starved beauty brands out there - be sure to stick to these 3 blogging rules!

(For all of the do's and dont's, be sure to listen to our podcast below!). 


[dt_highlight color=d27e8a text_color="" bg_color=d27e8a]Start with Colleen's 5-step keyword strategy process[/dt_highlight]

Colleen spent 6 hours coming up with Glossy Typekeyword strategy. I know, panic mode is coming in. But you don't need to spend 6 hours. Start with 1-hour and test it out for a month. The point is that you should be spending the time up front on your keyword strategy process so that writing your blog actually gets noticed.

Here are Colleen's first 3 steps:
  1. Make a list of over 100 questions and topics you think your audience would be interested in knowing more about
  2. Plug those into Google's keyword planning tool and then filter by low competition only, and then sort it by most traffic to least traffic.
  3. Then copy and paste those key words into a separate spreadsheet (making a huge list)

(Check out the podcast for the full step by step process)


[dt_highlight color=d27e8a text_color="" bg_color=d27e8a]Content calendar, content calendar, content calendar[/dt_highlight]

We know, (eyes roll)…another content calendar. But stick to it! This one is one of the best we have seen! Its much easier to write a blog when you are prepared and know what is going on content-wise in your business as well as know what key words you should be throwing into your blog.

Just join our Facebook Group Here to download the content calendar


[dt_highlight color=d27e8a text_color="" bg_color=d27e8a]300 words minimum[/dt_highlight]

Why 300 words? Well, that is how many words your blog has to have minimum to be picked up by Google. But that’s not it says Colleen. “Now, search engines are favouring longer and longer posts, especially if you have a targeted key word and your look up what the number one ranking article is on that. And if its 2,000 words long, you need have 2,200 words.” That is why it is essential that you do the work up-front!

If you are curious, this blog is about 550 words.


[dt_highlight color=d27e8a text_color="" bg_color=d27e8a]Other Factors to consider[/dt_highlight]

Writing a blog can be extremely time consuming, but a great way to get traffic to your site. It is totally possible to DIY it yourself - you can do it! To help you out we have collaborated with Colleen of Glossy Type to walk you through the process in our members club so that you can save yourself time and money! Members can access those steps here!


If you are wanting a bit of extra help, you can contact Colleen at Colleen@glossytype.com or visit her website: www.glossytype.com!


Now onto the show!

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